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Brands Apr 26, 2013

Expedia: 'The Neighbour Who Never Travels'

By Firstbiz Staff

Post its successful brand launch in India in 2011, Expedia seeks to drive focused efforts to further empower Indian travellers by offering them the same indispensable personalized travel experience at unbeatable price points. The launch marks continued momentum for Expedia in its global expansion efforts, and further emboldens the company's leadership in the Asia-Pacific region.
Conceptualized by India's leading advertising firm, Lowe Lintas, the latest campaign centres around the insight that the world we live in is rapidly changing and with it, so are the reasons we travel. Today, the act of travelling has tremendous social status attached to it, especially among one's peers. This basic insight has been mined; that in today's world there are few things worse than not being able to go on holiday when everyone else around you is. With 18,000 travel deals at any given point of time, Expedia makes is easy for its consumers to travel- thereby ensuring the promise of making everyone who doesn't use Expedia 'the neighbor who never travels'.

by Firstbiz Staff

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