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Biztech Sep 20, 2010

Disaster Recovery Still A Primary Concern For CIOs

By Sana Zabeen

With top of the range hardware and a user friendly interface, laptops are getting more popular than ever before and an increasing amount of people are shifting from traditional PCs to Laptops. When we talk about laptops, the most common issues that mobile the workforce faces relates to laptop crashing, virus threats and thefts. With such issues, data backup is one of the biggest concerns of every enterprise.

Laptop data backup is an under-served market giving sleepless nights from CIOs to the smallest executive in the hierarchy. Biztech2 caught up with Jaspreet Singh, Co-Founder, Druva Software, India to get more insight on what's happening in this market.

Please tell us about Druva Software and its products

Druva Software is a provider of continuous data protection and Disaster Recovery solutions. The company has recently launched two products Druva inSync 4.0, which is a laptop backup software and we are soon going to launch Druva Phoenix, which is a server backup software.

Druva inSync is a fully automated laptop backup software, which protects corporate data for office and remote users. It features simple backup, point-in-time restoration, and patent-pending data deduplication technology that makes backups faster.

Druva Phoenix is an enterprise-class product for non-disruptive disk-to-disk backup for local and remote servers. It features simple backup, point-in-time restoration and patent-pending deduplication technology.

How important is deduplication in today's time? What strategies do you suggest?

In today's time, data is doubling with speed in every enterprise and 80% of the data in the enterprise needs to be duplicated on PCs.

Laptop backup surprisingly is an unsolved problem and 67% of businesses do not have a laptop backup. All enterprises want to have encrypted data protection on their laptops and PCs but there are not many to cater to these requests.

What is the road ahead for Druva Software?

Our motto is not to make just another backup solution for the enterprise. We want to tap the unsolved problem and we have seen the path changing need in this area. We have built a phenomenal data deduplication engine called the Black Bird Engine. We have also introduced the application called Application Aware Deduplication.

We have nailed the under served laptop backup market and we will continue doing that in other sections of the enterprise as well.

by Sana Zabeen

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