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Breaking through the barriers of business challenges, leaders have to prove their skills time and again against the backdrop of an uncertain business and economic environment. So, what gets them ticking?

About CXO connect

What is the hallmark of a great leader? Is he/she a transformer, innovator, strategist, visionary, mentor or simply put a person who knows how to get things done, or for that matter an apt mix of all these qualities? Whatever category your definition of leadership falls under, the one common thread running through all this is that leaders are made and not born. So, what are the skills that make for a great leader, and how can CXOs be groomed to take up the business challenges of today and tomorrow. We bring to you some of the leading business technology leaders share their insights and advice to empower you to face not only business but also innovation challenges head on.


Here some of the prominent business technology leaders of the country share their views on what makes a successful leader.


Leading CIOs let you in on their insights and recommendations on how leaders can move a notch above, and how they can prepare the second rung to take over the challenge whenever required.

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